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To make slit steel fiber takes shearing cold-rolled steel sheets. Before cutting, using special slitting machines make the cold-rolled steel sheets roll up; and also, make the width of cold-rolled steel sheets to be the same as the length of the steel fiber, and then put into rotary tool or normal punch to cut off. Rotary tool axis and sheets are perpendicular in direction. Raw materials general use of the annealing of cold rolled steel, in order to improve the intensity, also can use other rolled steel sheets. Because of the high cost of the cold rolled steel plate, we often use leftover material as a raw material to reduce costs. Products are with high tensile strength , it can be easily dispersed, and can be easily integrated with the concrete. It is a product with excellent quality and reasonable price.

Use of Sunshine steel fibers greatly decreases cracking and increases strength. Because it enables thinner slabs and easier placement, overall costs are lower. Improvements in concrete flexural strength and ductility further enhance crack control, as well as resistance to shear, fatigue, thermal shock, impact resistance and abrasion. This technology also offers superior shotcrete performance, from tunnel linings to slope stabilization, in wet or dry processes. Installation and maintenance costs are lower too.Sunshine technology has been successfully used in a  wide variety of major new construction and renovation projects throughout the world. Installations include industrial flooring and structures, roads, bridges, parking facilities, airports and buildings.